Product Design (UI/UX) Part-time Course

Do you have a demanding schedule? Explore our part-time UI/UX Product Design course and take your design skills to the next level
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Become a UI/UX Product Designer In As Little As 28 Weeks

Our part-time UI/UX Product Design course is designed to fit around busy schedules, with evening and weekend classes available to ensure maximum flexibility. It will prepare you to become an end-to-end Product Designer by learning UX and UI design. You will learn the principles of designing digital products such as mobile apps, websites, or software, that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and user-friendly.

Whether you are a beginner looking to start a career in UI/UX Product Design or an experienced designer looking to refine your skills, this course will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to take your product design to the next level.

UX Design is one of ten in-demand tech skills, according to LinkedIn, making this a worthy field for any creative looking for their next career move. This program will give you a strong foundation in Product Designer skills by focusing on design thinking, user-centered design, and foundational visual design.

This course is ideal for:

  • Young high school/university graduates looking to get into tech
  • Working professionals or career switchers who are looking for a fast tech skill to learn while continuing to work
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to create their own products
  • Front End Web developers who are looking to improve their skills in design
  • Those who have no interest in coding but would like to get into tech (Marketing, Graphic Design, Engineering, Product Managers)

You will be prepared for jobs such as:

  • UI Designer- UI Designers focus on the visual experience of a digital product. This may include fonts, colors, style guides, animations, and responsive design.
  • UX Designer- UX Designers focus on the experience of a digital product. They leverage research to understand roadblocks that customers may face.
  • Product Designer – Product Designers are a jack of all trades with a deep understanding of UI and UX. They research business competition and are keen on business goals.
  • Web Designer – Website Designers typically focus on designing in a way that encourages website visitors to take specific actions in order to meet the goals of their website.

Get ready to design life-changing user experiences for digital products and websites

Course Details

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Curriculum Developed by:

Flatiron School

Course Duration:

28 weeks

Mode of Learning:

Monday to Thursday – 6 pm to 9 pm (Live lectures and technical mentor support)
Saturday – 9 am to 1 pm (Live lectures and Technical mentor support)

Course Pricing:

Ksh 150, 000

Course Prerequisites

Our course is designed to fit around busy schedules, with evening and weekend classes available to ensure maximum flexibility.

  • All applicants must be 18 years and above and provide proof of ID/Passport
  • Have a working laptop that meets the following baseline specifications: Core i5 7th Gen and upwards, 4GB RAM, and at least 256GB of storage.
  • Be available during the whole time of study
  • Need to complete pre-work before onboarding week
  • Need to have completed high school

Moringa UI/UX Product Design Curriculum

This program comprises five phases. Phases 1 and 2 teach the fundamental methods, tools, and principles that guide the UX and UI processes. Phases 3 and 4 includes studio experience through rigorous projects that allow you to employ your new techniques and skills. And in the final phase, you will pull your body of work into a portfolio to prepare for entry into the job market

Course Modules

All students are required to complete the introduction before the start of Phase 1 to have a working knowledge of UX and UI processes. During Phase 0, students prepare for success by familiarizing themselves with the tools and processes they will utilize during the Product Design course including Figma and Webflow.

In Phase 1, students will learn the essential components of the UX (User Experience) Design process, including standard tools, best practices, and deliverables. Students will learn how to conduct research and interpret findings and create the assets necessary to communicate their ideas and insights to other project stakeholders.

In Phase 2, students will learn the essential components of the UI (User Interface) design process, including standard tools, best practices, and deliverables. Students will learn the fundamentals of interface design, including design principles, typography, and design patterns, to create beautiful mockups that are a joy to view and use.

In Phase 3, students will apply what they learned about the UX and UI process to create a complete set of deliverables. Students will begin with a project brief and deliver research-informed solutions using the product design process. Students will learn how to talk about their design choices and communicate users’ needs to other stakeholders.

In Phase 4, students will direct a project from start to finish while exploring essential skills like presentation strategies, effective communication, and design ethics. This phase will challenge students to meet the complex needs of a real-world problem.

In Phase 5, students will create and launch an online portfolio of their best work. They will author a case study that explains the insights and decisions they made during the product design process. This program will challenge students to talk competently about their work and to communicate their strengths in UX and UI as they prepare to enter the job market.

Career Opportunities for UX/UI Product Designers

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