Corporate Solutions for the Forward Thinking Businesses

Moringa brings you transformative solutions for your business. Work with our team to assess your needs, develop custom solutions to upskill your workforce, and find the right tech talent to realize success.

Corporate Training

In the world of business and technology, changes happen as people find better ways to execute tasks, optimize processes, reduce costs, and improve quality for customers in order to gain a competitive advantage. Moringa assesses your needs and develops custom solutions to upskill your workforce so that your business can be more profitable.

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Hire our Graduates

Looking for tech talent?

We have a large pool of career-ready Software Developers & Data Science graduates. Our talent has been endorsed by the marketplace and we have a proven track record of graduating top-quality tech talent. To date, we have hit a milestone of an 85% + job placement rate within 12 months. Look no further for your tech team talent needs, Moringa can help!

Talk to our career services department today and get your hiring needs met.

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Managed Internship Programs

The Managed Internship Program aims at providing our graduates with work experience at the onset of their careers and relieves employer partners of the management burden of the interns by supporting the interns with technical managers the Moringa Team.

Partner with us

In an added effort to continue building talent and opportunities through transformative, tech-based learning experiences, we are keen on running events that will expose our students and graduates to the industry.

We believe that it is important for companies to have a chance to interact with our students and graduates. Partner with us today through speaking engagements, event sponsorships, etc.

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