Soma Student Loan

Moringa has partnered with Aspira to make tuition fee access easier for you. Students and alumni of Moringa can now apply for a low-interest-based loan with zero application fees to finance their tuition fees. More information regarding the Soma Education Loan can be found here.  

In order for you to be considered for the Soma Education Loan you will be required to meet all our eligibility criteria and be accepted into the program of choice

How to Apply for Soma Education Student Loan?

  1. Select the course of interest and apply to join e.g Data Science Full Time 
  2. Complete filling in details on the application form and be accepted into the program
  3. Only applicants who pass and receive an acceptance email to join Moringa will be eligible for the student loan offered by Aspira Soma Education Loan.
  4. Once you have received your acceptance letter from the admissions team, applicants will then proceed to fill the Soma Education Loan application form which will be linked on the acceptance email

Who is eligible for the loan?

  • High school or university graduates
  • An applicant who has met all the eligibility requirements and has been accepted to the programs they have applied for
  • Can commit to the period of study of their program of choice

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