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Hire Engineering Talent
Requisite <b>technical</b> and <b>soft skills</b> to perform exceptionally

Requisite technical and soft skills to perform exceptionally

We understand that a leaner is best served in their development through a blended learning approach.

Allied to technical skill development, our students go through project-based work and critical life skill education applicable to real-world industry scenarios.

Our Learning Model

An outcomes-based approach

Our Learning Model

Where Our Graduates Work

Our graduates have been hired at top companies

Equity Bank
I&M Bank
Little App
Africa’s Pocket
Gro Intelligence
Heritage Insurance
Jubilee Insurance
Kenya Revenue Authority
Price Water House Coopers
Cloud Factory


The Moringa Alumni is The Most Attractive Profile for Employers

The Moringa Alumni is The Most Attractive Profile for Employers

In a survey of major tech employers in East Africa, a CS degree combined with the Moringa Bootcamp is the most attractive profile for those recruiting junior developers and data scientists. This is because we maintain a strong and established connection with key industry figures who help in developing our curriculum in line with industry trends and the current demands of the African job market. We aim to ensure learners are best prepared for an ever-evolving industry with the right foundation to find long-term success in their chosen career pathway.

What Employers are saying

  • Health-E-Net

    We are glad we decided to work with [Moringa] for our junior and mid-level developer recruitment needs. We appreciate their attention to detail, quality work, and ease of fitting into our processes. Thanks so much for doing a great job!! -William Wamwalo, Business Systems Manager, Health-E-Net


  • Incentro Africa

    When you hire a Moringa graduate, you get an ambitious, passionate person with the willingness to grow. They are not scared to make mistakes, own up to them, and learn from them. Besides this, they do their work with a smile, for being a developer is a true calling for them. This makes them a good fit into our company culture. - Lieke Aarninkhof, HR Manager Incentro Africa

    Incentro Africa

Our Career Services Department keeps track of all our alumni and their development journey post their Moringa Education.

We have a vast pool of candidates that are at different stages in their career journey so if you need junior developers and data scientists or if you’re looking for more senior people…our graduate support team will help you meet your hiring needs.

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