Our Vision

A world in which anyone can create their future

Our vision is one that strives to connect our African people to the future they envision for themselves.  This is the goal in-front of us and it keeps us striving for more. Simply put…we will know we are succeeding when people working in tech in Africa have the same earning potential as their global counterparts possessing the same aptitude and mindset.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To build talent and opportunities through transformative tech-based learning experiences

Moringa School is a multi-disciplinary learning-accelerator committed to closing the skills-gap in Africa’s job markets by delivering transformative tech-based learning to high-potential jobseekers; and on graduation connecting them to local and international employers who desire high-quality tech talent


Our Values

These are the values that drive our operations and help to keep us on track to our core mandate to stakeholders. They speak to how we do what we do.

  • From Potential to Possibility - Moringa School

    Moringa integrates learners from diverse backgrounds and experiences and channels their motivation to learn and grow through industry-relevant programs, blended learning, and practical experience. This seeks to unlock a learner’s potential and build a future of confidence, capability, and possibility

  • Respectful and Professional - Moringa School

    Every interaction at Moringa starts from a place of positivity and appreciation for the other. We are an organization that cares for learners and mentors. We demonstrate empathy and understanding for each individual through the respect and professionalism that underpins every engagement. We listen and learn through feedback and seek to recognize and address student needs proactively, not reactively.

  • Excellence - Moringa School

    Our programs are rooted in an expectation of excellence in teaching and learning. It is critical we uphold high standards and are able to show creativity and resourcefulness to overcome challenges and fulfill our commitments to learners.

Our Journey

In 2014, Moringa School launched its maiden Software Development class in Kenya with a cohort of only four (4) students and a vision for “A world in which anyone can create their future”. At that time, there was a growing demand for skilled tech talent as companies increased investment in technology to gain a competitive advantage from their own digital transformation. This demand was not being met by the available local talent due to a lack of skills…Something had to be done!

Through the introduction of its 5-6 month Software Development, Data Science, Product Design, and Cyber Security Bootcamps, Moringa School embarked on a journey that would integrate over 7,000+ learners from diverse backgrounds and experiences while channeling their motivation to learn and grow through market-aligned curriculum, a learning approach that simulates practical on-the-job-experience, and a vibrant community of employer partners, higher learning institutions, and other industry stakeholders. This approach ensured that graduating students were prepared to take up their rightful place in the digital economy evidenced by the EdTech leader’s employment rate of 70% for all job-seeking alumni within 12 months.

Our Team

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