Moringa is where you create your potential

Moringa aims to transform tech education in Africa by ensuring our learners are equipped with market aligned skills therefore increasing their employability and developing tech entrepreneurs in Africa.









About Moringa

Moringa aims to transform tech education in Africa by ensuring our learners are equipped with market aligned skills therefore increasing their employability and developing tech entrepreneurs in Africa.

We listen to market needs, continuously test our product offering and refine our learners’ experience. This way, our learners are able to steer their learning towards a world in which anyone can create their future.

At Moringa, we value connection and are keen on providing a wholesome work environment to our employees through flexible working schedules, providing career development opportunities, a great work culture, and awesome employment benefits. Our team is collaborative and supportive, and together we work towards reaching your full potential.



We acknowledge individual styles, inclusive, ask questions and make time to know each other.


We sync up from the start, figure it out together, ask for help, switch easily and support each other


We shoot our shot, challenge each other to learn, don’t give up, pick things up and and get them back on track.


We clarify our responsibilities, do our part, and hold each other accountable.
  • I would describe Moringa School as a high speed rolling fire-ball both luminates the way for tech leaders and also lights their candles. From the first day, you get immense and the interconnectedness across teams shows how important every nut & bolt (you is important for the Moringa machine to run.



  • Moringa has been like a school trip, seeing and learning new things all while having fun and getting to know my team members better. There has also been a lot of fulfillment that comes with working with students. The challenge me, which pushes me to ensure I learn more, dig deeper, and understand better, which translates to a lot of growth for me as an individual.


    Technical Mentor, Classroom Team

  • Working for Moringa School has been an amazing Journey from the start. I enjoy being an advocate for my students by understanding their individual situations and finding solutions that best fit their professional needs. I also enjoy the same amount of care and support I get from my team. While my duties vary, and on occasion are demanding I have a feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment in whatever I do and I can still create a routine that balances my professional and personal priorities.


    Professional Development Trainer, Product

  • Moringa Culture is positive and collaborative. I enjoy the degree of control and freedom I have within Moringa and my manager trusts me produce high-quality work which keeps me motivated and inspired to work


    Technical Mentor, Classroom

How we Hire

We are not just looking for people with great skills, but also people who are incredibly smart and warm.

We curate our interview process to ensure that we get the kind of people who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get right to work. Our interview approach is “conversation-style” for you to share with us your authentic self, and have all our future employees interview us as much as we interview them.

Over the years, we have been able to curate the kind of persona that succeeds at Moringa School. Here are the traits that earmark a great employee at Moringa School:


You self-lead and require little nudging to get things going.


You are always stretching for higher goals


You think creatively and critically to problem solve

Growth mindset

You learn and developing self continuously


You value and see the importance of working with others


You speak openly, give and are open to constructive feedback


You strive to be excellent in all your work


You are keen to achieve results

High self-awareness

You know their strengths, weaknesses and how to leverage each to be the best version of yourself

What we offer

Competitive Salary

Our salary offering is benchmarked against the top companies in the industry.

Health and Wellness

Comprehensive medical, dental, optical cover and access to an inhouse staff therapist

Professional Development

With the support of our L&D team, we give you access to learning and development programs, a budget that allows you to steer your professional development, and access to our course offerings.

Social Events

Ranging from monthly assemblies, wellness activities, team bonding initiatives, CSR, and staff socials, we provide ample opportunities to engage with each other.

Flexible working

Flexible working arrangement with a hybrid working arrangement and flexible working hours provided operations run smoothly and OKRs are met.